The Facilitation of Empowerment

At times it feels strange, being from the Netherlands, to write about another nation’s cultural gender norms and disparities. It might appear hypocrite, because in the Netherlands too there are still –be they more vague- roles dictated to men and women. These roles too result in disparities that render women at times unequal to men, […]

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The Swayamsiddha Foundation

I had been in India for around exactly 3 weeks. As my primary task was to find an organisation with which I could cooperate, I had gone around the city to search for ones suitable to my topic of research. Yet, everyone that told me they’d know someone left my calls unanswered and the organisations […]

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Mumbai: Aasha aur Samarpan

Mumbai, it is a beast of a city with a population counting anywhere between 18 and 24 million people. Despite the official language being Marathi, you find most people able to speak both Hindi and English or at least another Indian language, such as Urdu, Gujarati, Konkani, Telugu, Tamil or Kannada. Most metropolises that I […]

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Namaska, kaisehes?

Allow me to take you on my fieldwork trip through Mumbai and Thane! In cooperation with the Swayamsiddha Foundation I am conducting research in this vast urban area to document the empowering activities of Self Help Groups, a micro-finance initiative that targets groups of women to facilitate both their social and financial empowerment.  I will […]

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